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Making a Home

Millbrook, Michigan

"Home is where one finds it." This ancient proverb has more "Where" in the mid-nineteenth century for migrating families than it does today, especially for NEGROES moving into what might be called frontier territory. Today, all frontier territory in Michigan is resort property, sold to urban White people. "Where" could mean any of the unclear or cut-over land left by the lumbering companies.
The history and information in the counties and the townships that surround Millbrook (Mecosta, Isabella, and Montcalm) have continued to leave out names of the African Americans who settled in the area between the early 1860s and 1880s when local state history books started appearing in print. That way it appears that Black settlements never existed. Oral history has been shared with the Black community but never recorded within those townships or counties until 1988 when a compilation of deeds, properties, and genealogical history was recorded in the archives. In The Old Settlers: A Nation Within Itself.